Git Integration 404 errors

I’ve been trying to transfer one of my GitLab repositories to GitHub through Git, and when I go to try and add the repository in Gitpod, I needed to link my GitHub account, and when I did, I got 404’d in select-account. I don’t know if this has happened to other users, if there are, please let me know if this is a Gitpod issue or just my internet!

Hi @ItsQuentin!
I’m looking into this right now. A redirect to /select-account sound like an old state.
We’re talking about, right? Just to be sure, that it’s not a self-hosted installation built from any unverified state.

The 404 issue indeed still exist in the currently deployed version. The team is preparing a new deployment, this will bring back the missing Select Account modal.

@ItsQuentin, you still can work around this to get your task done. The situation is the following:

  • You are logged in into a Gitpod account (A) connected with GitLab.
  • You also have created another Gitpod account (B) with GitHub before.
  • Now you are trying to connect the current account (A) with the GitHub profile of account (B)
    • This is not supported, as it makes it impossible to identify the right Gitpod account on login.
    • And this is exactly where the Select Account modal (or the missing page) would present you with reasonable options.

It looks like you are about to centralize all profiles into a single Gitpod account :+1: So, you would need to logout first, and login with GitLab in order to access your other account (B). There you can disconnect the GitLab profile or delete that tat account after verifying, that everything meaningful is pushed to a remote git. Once you’ve disconnected the GitLab profile, you can login again with the recent Gitpod account (A) and connecting Gitlab should no longer be a problem.

I hope this provides enough details and allows you to proceed.

Hey @ItsQuentin! I could just verify, that the mentioned update was deployed to

Thank you!

I was able to fix the issue i had before by doing a clone-transfer by cloning the GitLab repo and pushing it to GitHub