Evicted: The node was low on resource

Hi, got this error message earlier on and am still unable to load my workspace. Anyone know a fix for this? (https://brown-turkey-fcvw4los.ws-us11.gitpod.io/)

Evicted: The node was low on resource: ephemeral-storage. Container workspace was using 319537814, which exceeds its request of 0.

Hi @kshannn,

Sorry for the inconvenience. What exactly happens when you try to start your workspace now? Do you see an error message?

Do you have changed / unpushed data in that workspace?

Hi @corneliusludmann ,

I still see the same error message when I try to start my workspace now. I believe there are still unsaved changes on my workspace as the error happened suddenly so I did not have time to commit and push them to github

When was the last time you tried it? According our logs I can see the last failed try at 09:19 UTC. Until then, we cordoned the node (based on an alert) the workspace has been scheduled to. Could you please try if it works now?

I have been refreshing my workspace url periodically since the error came up at around 09:00 UTC. I just refreshed it again now but the error message still shows. Perhaps, are there other ways to start up the workspace besides refreshing the page? Sorry, I am still rather new to gitpod so I am not too familiar…

Hi, I am also encountering the exact same issue in my workspace (https://blush-monkey-5ap5mdc6.ws-us11.gitpod.io/). Was working on it halfway when it crashed with this issue all of the sudden.

Evicted: The node was low on resource: ephemeral-storage. Container workspace was using 112754182, which exceeds its request of 0.

@kshannn Could you please try to go to Dashboard — Gitpod, push the 3 dots next to your workspace, and choose “Open”? If your workspace is not in the list try to change “Filter: Active” to “Filter: All” above the workspace list.

Thanks a lot for the instructions! Unfortunately, the error message still persist even after I tried opening my workspace through this method.

Thanks for trying, @kshannn.

Hi @kshannn can you try again and see if this is still the case? We are on it.

Hi @fntlnz,

Thanks for following up on my case! And yes, I just tried to open the workspace again but the error still shows

It’s resolved now: Gitpod Status - temp dir running full

Hi, for some reason, the issue appears to be unresolved for me as I am still seeing the same error… Does it take some time for the changes to set in?

Hi kshannn,

Turns out we got hit by another bug after solving the first one. We’ve just solved the follow up issue too: Gitpod Status - Workspaces stuck in stopping state

We’re so sorry for the inconvenience, if you still need support please let us know