Estimate self-hosting costs on Google Cloud

the free self-hosted option is very attractive for my situation (I’m an educator at a small, publicly-funded institute). My main reservation is uncertainty about cloud infrastucture costs. Is there any way to estimate this (say, on Google Cloud), maybe in terms of user-hours, or numbers of users, or whatever?

I set up my own self-hosted instance on Google Cloud (with the easy to follow docs GitPod provided) to play around with. I was the only user and I created a couple of workspaces. Within a week or so I’d used up $100 of promotional credits. Seems like it might get expensive when additional users get added into the mix.


Hi @john-french,

Thanks for trying out Gitpod Self-Hosted. Indeed, Gitpod on Google Cloud has pretty high basic costs even when no user uses it. We are still working on reducing them by scaling down the Gitpod pods when Gitpod is idle. However, additional users add not that much to the basic costs. However, it depends on how many workspaces will be started in parallel, though.

I hope this helps you as a first step. I’ll try to get some specific numbers for a better estimation soon.


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Thanks @corneliusludmann, good to know. I’d definitely be interested in finding out more. Reducing costs by scaling down the Gitpod pods sounds promising.

I just created an issue to determine the TCO on GCP/AWS here.

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Dang, yours latest longer than mine when I was using the default settings. I chewed threw $162 in a day or so. Thankfully now I’m using my own hardware at home.

I think when I tested on DigitalOcean it was going to cost around $100-$150 a month which is a lot better than GCP.