Error installing gitpod-full-terraform


I tried to install Git Pod with this Repo: gitpod/install/gcp-full-terraform /

I changed the network settings because we already have a network and i also changed external ip to internal ip. Everything could be created but it has an issue to install gitpod it self.

For me its looks like it has a problem with db-migration

020/12/10 12:42:07 [TRACE] dag/walk: vertex “provider[“”] (close)” is waiting for “module.gitpod.helm_release.gitpod”
2020-12-10T12:42:08.588Z [DEBUG] plugin.terraform-provider-helm_v1.3.2_x4: 2020/12/10 12:42:08 [DEBUG] Add/Modify event for db-migrations: MODIFIED
2020-12-10T12:42:08.588Z [DEBUG] plugin.terraform-provider-helm_v1.3.2_x4: 2020/12/10 12:42:08 [DEBUG] db-migrations: Jobs active: 1, jobs failed: 2, jobs succeeded: 0
2020/12/10 12:42:08 [TRACE] dag/walk: vertex “root” is waiting for “provider[“”] (close)”
module.gitpod.helm_release.gitpod: Still creating… [20s elapsed]

But the error message is this:

Error: failed post-install: timed out waiting for the condition

on modules/gitpod/ line 18, in resource “helm_release” “gitpod”:
18: resource “helm_release” “gitpod” {

Hi @anagas,
could you please give an overview state of Gitpod on your kubernetes cluster. Which pods are running? Maybe the logs of the pods not running?

Hello @wulfthimm

Here are the pods list:

ws-proxy is not running because it can not pull the it does not exist.
ws-daemon is alllways pending
server Error message: Does not have minimum availability i can not read the logs
node-daemon CrashLoopBackOff in the Logs it says No resources found
image-builder Error message: Does not have minimum availability i can not read the logs

Hi @anagas,

Gitpod 0.6.0 has been released, you could try it with a new version. ws-proxy is not used in version 0.4.0. There is also an updated Terraform script which has to be tested with the new version. That will be done in the near future but you are also invited to help. :wink: