Error: ENOSPC: no space left on device, write)

Failed to save ‘’: Unable to write file ‘vscode-remote://’ (Unknown (FileSystemError): Error: ENOSPC: no space left on device, write)

Auto-save of python file.

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Hi @byIlsa! Sorry about this. It appears that one of Gitpod’s server disks got full. I’m taking a look to resolve this as soon as possible.

Are those errors related to the same issue?

Hi @Sandared, sorry about these too. It’s possible they are related.

We’ll still investigate them in parallel to freeing up disk space on the identified full node.

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Update: We found that image-builder had accumulated a lot of large Docker images. Cleaning up unused images is freeing up disk space, so service should be recovering now.

Thanks! For me stopping and starting the workspace again worked, but I did get this build error, adding a screenshot so you guys can see what it did :slight_smile:
Thanks for the fast response!
Screenshot from 2021-04-15 10-16-22

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Thanks @byIlsa! Just to clarify, you’re now able to start workspaces and use them without errors, right?

From our end, this incident is now resolved. Please report any new errors here.

Yes, for it is resolved :slight_smile: If anything occurs, Ill reply in this thread if thats ok

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Link to a problem this: Cannot open a stopped workspace - #3 by tnir