Does GitPod use forks of Theia and VSCode? Why?

Is it because GitPod customizes the IDEs in some way that cannot be accomplished with extensions? Thanks!

MS does not allow to integrate VS Code Server in public or commercial services: We have to build our own Gitpod Code Server based on the fork:

In Q2, we are going to work on SSH mode for Gitpod workspace meaning that you will be able to connect your desktop VS Code using MS based VS Code Remote Development with Gitpod. In such way we won’t violate any MS proprietary licenses.

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That makes sense. Thanks. But, please, what about Theia then? Is GitPod also using a fork? I guess there aren’t any licensing problems there? I heard WebSockets are being used to communicate source code changes between the UI and the backend? Maybe the fork is related to this?

Theia is a framework to build IDEs. There is no Theia IDE and because of it there cannot be a fork. There is Gitpod Theia based on Theia IDE framework:

That answers my question(s) :wink: Thank you.

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