Documentation for Docker?


great to see that Docker in gitpod was promoted to general availability! However I did not find anything regarding documentation, sample repositories etc. There are links to preview videos on Youtube and some threads in here, but no “definitive” guides.

Am I missing something and can you point me in the right direction? Or is this still in the works?

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Hi Jonas,

unfortunately, documentation is still a bit sparse around that topic. Enabling docker in a Gitpod workspace usually boils down to running sudo docker-upon the cmdline. If you experience specific issues, please don’t hesitate to ask or file issues.

A short demo video can be found here

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thank you for your answer! I think the best kind of documentation for me would be a sample repository, for example firing up a LAMP stack. There you can demonstrate launching different images, connecting them via docker-compose and making first requests to this stack.

To be honest I am bit hesitant to even start to try this for our dev enviroment with several images as I have no idea on what a final result could look like, which steps I need to take,what possible errors I might encounter and how much time I will need to spend before this works for me. I will therefore wait for more documentation from your side - thank you in advance!