Dockerfile error


my .Dockerfile like that:

    FROM gitpod/workspace-full

    USER root

You could try F1Dockerfile: Restart Language Server

same issue :frowning:

Could you share a workspace snapshot? →

here it is

how can I solve this error

Thank you for sharing the snapshot, @muhammedfurkan.

Based on your snapshot I can’t say for certainty what the reason is that the Dockerfile language server does not start. What I see is that you don’t have a node bin in your $PATH but the Dockerfile LS needs this. Probably you did some changes in your workspace that lead to this state.

What happens when you create a new workspace for your repo? Does this problem still exist? For this, commit and pull all your changes (optional) and open (change your/repo to your repo, of course).

In fact, we recommend creating a new workspace for every task instead of re-using old workspaces again and again.

Please let me know if it helps.