Docker-compose version

The installed version is:
gitpod /workspace/zapata $ docker-compose --version
docker-compose version 1.25.0, build unknown

Is it possible to bump the version to the latest and greatest release?

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Hi @lioramilbaum!

FYI, docker-compose is being installed into Gitpod’s default workspace image here:

The way to upgrade anything installed there is to modify at least one character around these lines, which will invalidate the Docker (Dazzle) cache and cause a fresh re-install of all these tools.

Also, we even already have a Pull Request up that upgrades all these:

But the problem is, we found out that upgrading docker itself breaks the Docker-in-Gitpod feature, so the Pull Request is actually on hold until we fix:

Please feel free to chime into this issue, or to subscribe to it for updates. Meanwhile I’ll mention that this bug also prevents docker-compose from being upgraded.

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Thanks. Waiting for updates.

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@jan, can you please elaborate how do I invalidate the Docker cache?