Disabling browser "go back" touchpad shortcut when in GitPod


It’s been like 20 times I reset my page because working on a MacBook + touchpad in Gitpod, sometimes I lost some work.

Typical use case: long string scrolling horizontally, makes me go previous page.
I mean this:
Screenshot 2021-09-14 at 16.33.38

Anyway, is there a way to disable the touchpad shortcut that does that? Only in GitPod preferably, I use it outside it.

Interesting, as we have a lot of Mc users in the team (including myself) not having this problem. What’s your setting in System preferences / Trackpad / More Gestures / Swipe between pages ?

say I have this:


I use two finger to go right, but then when going left sometimes it goes to previous page, which is not good in Gitpod :stuck_out_tongue:

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yeah - had the same “problem” one or two times. I’d like to have “disable go back in gitpod”, too.
And a similar thing: i usually use cmd + r to refresh a page (who doesn’t?) but within gitpod → vscode’s browser, i refresh the whole “gitpod page” and not the vscode’s preview site.

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Which browser are you using? I remember having similar problems with FireFox, but switched to Chrome long time ago.

if the question was directed to me: i’m using chrome - no other browser

Chrome too