Cursor drawn in incorrect location in Chrome

Hi, I’m experiencing an issue with cursor when running GitPod on ChromeOS which is similar to what is described here for VSCode: Unfortunately, the solution suggested for VSCode (setting “editor.disableMonospaceOptimizations” to True) does not seem to be applicable for GitPod. Any suggestions on how to fix it? Thanks!

Hi @ziatdinovmax, welcome to the Gitpod community! :tada:

Sorry about this issue. If it’s still happening to you, could you please open a GitHub issue at ?

Also, in the issue, it would be very helpful if you can describe a series of steps you can take to always reproduce this problem (e.g. “open two files, type something in file A, go to file B, cursor is in wrong location”) and also a screenshot of the problem. Providing these additional details can help us troubleshoot and fix the bug much faster.

@JesterOrNot I think you frequently use Gitpod on Chrome OS – has this bug also happened to you in the past?

I’m having the same problem and just discovered that it is specific to running Chrome in full-size (as opposed to full-screen) mode. When I click to making the browser sizeable, all of a sudden it works. I’ll add this note to the issue I just posted as it might help solve it.

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