Content-service image not found - ImagePullBackOff


While trying to deploy Gitpod using the Helm Chart, we ran into the error that the content-service image could not be found (ImagePullBackOff). We checked the Gitpod repo and it is indeed not there - however required according to the values.yaml for the Helm chart. Is this component not required anymore and should be removed from values.yaml or the image should be there in the Repo?


Please use the v0.6.0 charts, e.g. by using the 0.6.0 tag of our repo:

Background: The content-service component is pretty new and not yet published for self-hosted.

By the way: You could also find our helm charts at, see:

Thanks for the quick feedback! The team was able to resolve the issue using the 0.6.0 tag. We have been using the source code because we wanted to update the values.yaml for a few things.


For others reading this post: This is always possible in the values.custom.yaml as described here, for instance.