Component Explanation Documents?

As I’m working through the setup process it would be nice to have some documentation explaining what each of the components do and how they depend on each other. This would help identify where to best spend my time so I don’t work my way up cascading failures to find root causes. Kubernetes way of trying everything until it works is great, but creates a need for understanding the whole so we can know where to start troubleshooting.

Also, are components the same thing as microservices or is these more to it than that?

Hi @flickerfly,

Indeed, a proper documentation of the components would be great. We started something as a notion page already. However, due to the lack of time it’s not that complete as it should be. Sorry for that. Hopefully, we find some time to make some progress there.


Thanks @corneliusludmann. That’ll give me a leg-up for sure.

@corneliusludmann After soaking in that information for awhile, I wonder if there are any more details on the image-builder and content-service components. I’m trying to determine what those are up to. The diagrams show them both used in the meta and workspace systems, but content-service shows up twice where image-builder sits on the line.

So two questions, are either of these one instance shared by both (or is it a could be, but doesn’t have to be type situation)? Then, what do these components roles and do they differ in the different systems?