Clone another repo in gitpod.yml task


I have a self-hosted GitPod environment and on startup of my GitPod for a project I want to clone another repo from another project of the same GitLab instance.

I wrote a simple shell script script that simply clones the other repo (and does some installation stuff). When I run the script on command line in the running GitPod environment, everything works fine. But when I try to run this script as a, init or command task from the gitpod.yml, the clone fails due to insufficient permissions.

Does anybody know how I can make sure, the git credentials are already setup when running a gitpod.yml task?

I’d appreciate any help on that. Thanks :slight_smile:


I was thinking about using git submodules. I’m doing this with another project, but I’m losing IDEs git support within the submodule. So I have to use git completely on the command line. That’s pretty bad for my everyday developing workflow. Or is there any workaround for this?

Did you try to use VS Code instead of Theia with git submodules? (Settings > Feature Preview)

We’re not able to get feature preview on our self hosted GitPod environment running.

What can I do on this?

A new release for Gitpod self-hosted is planned for next week which will hopefully fix the VS Code integration for you.

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Could you check your browser logs for any errors? It usually means that IDE was revealed, but something during the startup went wrong.