Cgroups: cgroup mountpoint does not exist: unknown


since yesterday, the build process of my Gitpod is failing every time while trying to do something docker related.
For example when I run:

docker-compose build drupal

Which refers to:

    build: ./drupal/docroot
      - "3030:80"
      - "3031:80"
      - "3032:80"
      - "3033:80"
      - "3034:80"
      - "3035:80"
      - "3036:80"


FROM drupal:8.9.15-php7.4-apache-buster

This is currently completely blocking our working process.

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Hey. What version of Docker are you running in the image?
I.e. what’s the output of docker -v and docker-compose -v?

gitpod /workspace/stack $ docker -v
Docker version 19.03.15, build 99e3ed8919
gitpod /workspace/stack $ docker-compose -v
docker-compose version 1.29.2, build 5becea4c
gitpod /workspace/stack $ 

That might just be the issue. Could you try and upgrade to Docker 20.10?

Hm where can I set that?
The only thing I have configured for that is:


# Gitpod Base Image
  file: .gitpod.Dockerfile


FROM gitpod/workspace-full

USER gitpod

Well that’s kinda weird, I have docker 20.10.8 on workspace-full by default.

You can try this and see if it upgrades docker.

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt install -y docker docker-compse


today it automatically ended up updating to 20.10.8 and the error seems to be fixed :slight_smile:

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