Cannot change settings on iPad

Hello, I am using an iPad with a Logitech Rugged Combo 3 case/keyboard/pen on it. I am using the Chrome mobile app and have opened a new workspace and would like to change the color theme from Gitpod Light to a dark theme. I can tap my way into the settings screen and scroll down to the Appearance section, but I cannot tap into the dropdown menu to select a theme. I enabled an iPad accessibility feature called Mouse Keys to control a pointer using my keyboard, basically a really hard to use mouse. Even with that setting on the pointer would not open the dropdown when I clicked on it (I had to hit the “I” button on the keyboard to make it click, the clicking is probably the same as tapping on that spot. I thought it would work.) I am not sure what to do about this problem. The light is hurting my eyes… I crave darkness… hopefully somebody on this forum will be able to help.

NOTE: I am able to change the dashboard’s theme to dark, but not VS Code’s.

:wave: Geoff here. Alright I’ve been transitioning to an iPad as my primary device for the last couple of weeks and am authoring this on an iPad. In short, we want iPad’s + Gitpod to be a pleasurable experience. Here is everything we are currently aware of related to iPad x Gitpod:

Currently I’m running iPadOS15b7 (with Safar) - which version of iOS are you using? Can you please open a issue with this information on GitHub?

So now it is working… I solved the problem in the midst of writing this reply. Here is my original writing:


I am running iPadOS 14.7.1. I was not aware that there is a later version of iPadOS. I have an iPad (7th Generation), Model #MW742/A. I have checked and the newest version should be supported but it is not showing up on my software update checker screen.

This is even more confusing than the first problem, but I don’t really want to solve this unless it is the reason Gitpod is not working.


I was going to put in a paragraph about me using the Chrome mobile app, and wanted to make a comparison, so I switched to Safari to test Gitpod there. Surprise, surprise, all my problems vanished! I will open an issue on Github regarding Chrome app support, since Chrome is still my primary browser. In the meantime, I’ll just have to deal with switching to Safari whenever I am coding.

Thanks for the lightning fast response!