Can the Context be used as the main identifier for workspaces?

Currently my workspace list defaults to being sorted by Name which is auto genterated by gitpod. These are random strings and more recently random word based strings but have zero relevance to my projects. The Context uses my project/website names and should be the default when listing alphabetically. Additionally when a workspace stops the stopped screen once a gain shows me the useless workspace name. Can the stopped screen also tell me the context I am working on?

Hey @SimpleSimpleAds, welcome to the Gitpod community! :tada:

The friendly workspace name is mostly there to make it easier for the user to reference a workspace instance. The sorting of the workspaces is currently based on the Last Start column, not the Name column, which will surface the most recently used workspaces to the top of the list.

Regarding context awareness, there’s an issue for improving the Context column information and introducing some semantic structure like referencing a pull request number, and more. This could help users quickly identify the context they are working on for running and stopped workspaces.

Currently, the workspace information on the stopping screen contains also the context URL. For example, if you were working on a pull request that would link to the pull request itself.

I remember also discussing with @jan about adding the more context information on the stopping screen and this is certainly something we could consider adding after improving the context column information.

Added to continue the discussion on how we could improve the information presented at the stopping screen.

This makes sense.

If we can have the ability to sort the columns on the workspace listing page by any of the table headers that would be great.

I will follow the stop screen progress in Github.

Thanks for the update.

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