Can I use self hosted Gitpod as Production server?

I recently realised that many of the open-source projects that I want to use are by default providing a .gitpod.yml file, making things easy to contribute. I also realised that just with a click, I could launch a development instance, but at some point, I thought, why can’t I use this as my production server? It is almost always up to date with the opensource.

Rather than spending my money on Heroku, which costs me around 200$, self-hosting on my droplet of 4GB Ram would be awesome.

But I was not sure of it because I was limited most of the time if this is a possibility I would like to know more.

Gitpod is meant to define and automatically provision ready-to-code dev environments for git projects. While dev environments usually are able to run the “software under development” I’d recommend deploying your app using a CI job or so. Also gitpod workspaces are timing out (i.e. are automatically stopped) on inactivity.