Can I make code suggestions in gitlab using GitPod?

When I’m currently doing code reviews in GitLab I have the ability to create change suggestions which the developers can then commit with a single click. It would be amazing if I could do this from the GitPod IDE while doing the review. Is this currently possible?

Hey @jmcelreavey! Have you seen the GitLab Workflow extension? It’s the official open source VS Code extension from GitLab that already supports a basic layout for code reviews but limited to responding to existing comments in merge requests. :speech_balloon:

Adding comments on the diff is still an open issue, see The GitLab team recently (~3 weeks ago) added a POC for adding new comments and will probably ship within the next couple of milestones, see

However, the extension still doesn’t support adding code suggestions to the diff and will most probably come after adding the ability to add new comments. :fox_face:

Looping in @akosyakov in case they know an existing extension that could help here until GitLab ships the code suggestions functionality.


Thank you for the detailed response!

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