Branch name not reflecting on Workspaces

Hi I created a new Workspace, and used the terminal to change git branches. However, the Workspaces page at Dashboard — Gitpod shows it as master still - even 6 minutes later.

Hi @binary64,

That’s probably expected. The data in the column “Context” never change. It’s the context that you used to open the workspace. The data in the column “Pending Changes” doesn’t change until the workspace has been stopped.

Does this help?

I am trying to work on the same repo but multiple branches. Because it takes so long for my precommit and prepush hooks to run, it would be awesome to use the “multiple workspaces” feature in gitpod to acheive this.

For this workflow I need to see in a list all my active branches (workspaces). If not automatically showing the current git branch (even if it’s 1-5 min polled), then perhaps allowing me to rename the workspaces.

Renaming of workspaces has just been implemented and will available it soon.

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