BlockOut2 setup in Gitpod?


Is it possible to set up this BlockOut2 C/C++ code on Gitpod and set up all librarys
and compile it to a working program?


Hi @jlivingstonsg, welcome to the Gitpod community! :tada:

Also, sorry it took us so long to reply here.

I had a look at your snapshot (thanks for making it! :raised_hands:) and it seems like indeed the BlockOut2 C/C++ project could be set up in Gitpod.

The process to follow is described here:

Given that it’s a graphical project, I’d suggest using an image like gitpod/workspace-full-vnc that has a virtual X server and Remote Desktop preview on port 6080. (See for example how TechWithTim/Hangman set this up.)

Next, you’ll want to install any required libraries as you would on a normal Ubuntu system (e.g. with sudo apt-get install), except that you can script it in a custom Dockerfile for your repository. (See for example how Servo installed a few extra libraries & even enabled some additional Xvfb flags).

In the end, you should have two files, .gitpod.yml and .gitpod.Dockerfile that describe the setup required for your game to compile and run.

Then, to test your setup, you can commit both files, push them to your repository, and then create a new Gitpod workspace for your repository. The new workspace will run on your new configuration.

Hope this helps! Please let us know if you run into any problems along the way, and we’ll be happy to help you out. :rocket:

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Do anybody understand what Jan wrote, on how to set this up?
Can anybody help me do this, now that everybody can access the source code?

Regards MagI

Hi Jan.

Is there any chance you know how to set it up, to get a windows BlockOut2 game?
I hade a guy to try your linux setup and he said he got it to build but failed to make graphics to work.
Can you give us a tip/hand?

Regards MagI

Hi again @jlivingstonsg!

Hm, sorry if what I wrote didn’t make sense. Please simply follow as it explains everything you’ll need to do to configure Gitpod.

Or, you could also read this longer-form blog post: which has even more helpful info & useful examples.

Aha, that’s already good progress.

Could you please share the repository with this Linux setup? Or maybe another snapshot? That way we can give precise tips on what to do next.

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Hi! I had a go with it and manage to get it to work… My first experience with gitpod and maybe my second with docker, so it have been an interesting learning experience! But I really like the concept!

(Graphics is now downloaded separately from sourceforge)

As you can see in the commit history, there was a bit of trial and error going on :smile:

Thanks a billion.

Now it is time to try to understand what you did.


Regards MagI

Hi Jan.

It work now on Gitpod.

But the setup is in a Linux environment and it compile a binary program only for Linux computers.
The BlockOut2 source code has a version for a setup in Visual Studio 2013.
Is it possible to set up that code in a Visual Studio environment on Gitpod so I can compile it to a window .exe program and also run the program on Gitpod just as the Linux setup?

Regards MagI


Can this C/C++ BlockOut2 code, be cross compiled to a window binary (.exe) program on Gitpod ?
Is there a C/C++ cross compiler for Gitpod ?