Bitbucket Server integration

I see that Bitbucket (cloud) is now supported. Are there any plans for Bitbucket Server integrations for non-public corporate instances?

Thanks for your interest. Indeed, it is on our roadmap. I don’t have an ETA, though.

Any chance this is on the roadmap now?

And am I correct that you also need to add support for this with the self-hosted version?

@thomashansen as far as I recall it’s not just the Bitbucket Server integration, but it requires to run an OAuth server along with it. What’s your self-hosted setup?

Hi @AlexTugarev

Currently not using self-hosted, as I could not get it to work with 0.9.0-alpha1. The customer I am setting this up for wants to use VS Code for development, so 0.8.0 is not an option. So, I am currently in a holding pattern for 0.9.0 to be released so that we can use this for self-hosted… We were considering using the SaaS version of Gitpod while we are waiting, but would need to connect to the self-hosted Bitbucket.

The project is using a self-hosted Bitbucket server (I believe currently running on a VM - possibly Windows - in their hosted infrastructure at cancom) and will be using an external Docker registry (also hosted with cancom) and Gitpod needs to interface with this.

Following uo on this, as I have a customer I am setting up with 0.10.0 self-hosted, who is using Bitbucket internally atm - which I don’t think it is supported at all right now.

What about Bitbucket Cloud - can this be set up now from a self-hosted instance? I only see Github and Gitlab from the web UI - and no rerefences to setting it up in the latest docs.

Any update on this? We would also like to use gitpod self-hosted (AWS) with Bitbucket Cloud.