Awesome-gitpod curated list - community help needed

Dear community,

I created an initial awesome-gitpod list, and I’d love the community’s help by adding additional examples, categories, etc.

There are so many great things happening with Gitpod nowadays, but AFAIK, until now it was not collected in one place.

(cc: @mikenikles, @svenefftinge, @ghuntley, @ArthurSens, @aledbf, @gtsiolis, @jan, @AlexTugarev, @csweichel, @geropl)


Hi @shaal,

Wow, this is awesome! (:innocent:) Many thanks for starting this resource. A few ideas from my end:

  • I see there is already a link to, but maybe a few cool projects from that list could also be added explicitly to the list? (E.g. Ruby/GitLab and Rust/NuShell)

  • There are a few cool resources when you search Google for “Gitpod Flutter”, e.g. vtorres/gitpod-flutter and Gitpod + Flutter = productivity on the go for mobile app developers (there are a few similar posts) – although I don’t have personal experience with Flutter (or Flutter in Gitpod) yet, so I don’t know what the best resources are

  • I find techwithtim/NEAT-Flappy-Bird quite entertaining (it’s teaching some generational AI to play the game Flappy Bird, and you even see the game running in a noVNC-based Virtual Desktop preview)

  • I know there are a few example repositories with k3s running in Gitpod (which is extremely cool because it gives you an interactive Kubernetes environment to play with, and has the potential to allow deploying & running Gitpod inside Gitpod :eyes:) e.g. GitHub - fntlnz/gitpod-k3s@fntlnz @aledbf @corneliusludmann do you know if that example is still the state of the art? (I heard something about a more “native” k3s-in-Gitpod setup that doesn’t use a VM, but I don’t know if that’s shipped yet :innocent:)


Great initiative! Added a few resources from other projects I’ve seen are actively using Gitpod - Added node.js category by jjperezaguinaga · Pull Request #1 · shaal/awesome-gitpod · GitHub.


Nice to see this @shaal. I added a couple I built.