Attempting to download an workspace archive gave me 404 errors

Possible Culprit

  • Experimental features

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Enable experimental features in settings.
  2. Go back to dashboard.
  3. Click Download on any workspace.

Expectation vs. Reality

Expectation: An zip file downloaded into my download directory.

Reality: 404 Not Found error page

Other details

Workspace ID: a7cf1eae-6e17-47fe-8faf-619b4b317467

I believe this is a known issue which is going to be fixed in the next release.

I’m curious though if there is currently a workaround to download a workspace?

Yes, even I disabled experimental features, I’m still seeing a 404 not found page.

You’re right, it looks like a bug.

Yeah I seen someone else ask about it and they said they were aware and it would be resolved in the next release which was around the 2nd week of March if memory serves (don’t quote me on that though)

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Hey @jmcelreavey @AndreiJirohHaliliDev2006! Indeed, this is a known issue, see :dart:

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