Asia Server

Hello I am seriously Like the way Gitpod works, and now completely working in Gitpod.

but I have issue in Ping to the gitpod server, it is 200 ms (us-west)
I am from ID (Indonesia) which is quite far to the gitpod server and sometime quite annoying when typing in terminal.

Is there any future release server in Asia? thank you!!

Hey @cloudsbird! I’m thrilled to hear that you’re enjoying using Gitpod.

This thread explains some of the history of why we decided to shut down our Asia server: Specify which region to use among three GCP regions - #2 by jan

Thank you for the feedback – I’ll raise this again internally.

Hey again @cloudsbird,

FYI, there is a discussion ongoing about potentially opening a new Gitpod workspace cluster in Singapore, which seems to be a good cluster location to better serve Asia again:

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Woaw!!! can’t Wait!!!

Thanks to up this issues again!

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