`apt-get update` with `Ubuntu:rolling` fails


I’m trying to use ubuntu rolling version:

FROM ubuntu:rolling
RUN apt-get update

But starting the workspace fails in apt-get update with:
W: GPG error: http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu hirsute InRelease: gpgv, gpgv2 or gpgv1 required for verification, but neither seems installed

Replacing rolling with focal makes it work.

Hi @sigmaSd and welcome to the Gitpod community!

Could you provide some info on what you would like to achieve? Why would you like to use ubuntu:rolling? In general, we recommend to use workspace images based on our images (like gitpod/workspace-full).

A minimal, reproducible example repo would also be helpful.

Hello @corneliusludmann,

Thanks for your feedback, I’m currently trying out gtk4 development and as far as I can see libgtk-4-dev is only available in ubuntu 21.