Andoid app to Gitpod?

Quick question…

Can I take my working android code (that now compile and work partially on android phone)
and move it to Gitpod and work and compile it there?

Can it be uploaded to Gitpod (GitHub) from Android Studio?


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This might be useful. Apologises, I’m not familiar with Android development but this issue deep dives into it a bit more. Looks like something is possible? [recovered issue #723]: Support Android app development · Issue #1273 · gitpod-io/gitpod · GitHub

I mean …
I have a source code that run and compile in Android Studio.
Can this be set up on Gitpod?

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You can surely compile it on gitpod but no straight way of running that inside gitpod

You can read a guide on how to develop Android apps and try it out with Gitpod here: GitHub - JamesCullum/flutter-adb-template

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I had used Cloudflare Argo for tunneling the last time with android studio, felt more performant and stable for my internet connectivity :yum:

That works as well, of course - its just a lot more steps to configure! For me, the local ports are randomly generated anyways, so I’d need to build up the tunnel each time anyways.

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For running it, you could take a look at this /

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Unfortunately I don’t think it’s possible to make virtualbox to work under the current gitpod workspace structure. Because virtualbox requires some low level tasks, such as loading their kernel module. So the article you linked can not be followed for Gitpod as of now :slightly_frowning_face: