A Video guide for gitpod self hosting

Hey there, i am a newbie and as a student i can’t even afford gitpod student plan due to my financial conditions. I have a Microsoft Azure subscription and when i studied the steps which was given to self host Gitpod. I wasn’t able to understand. If there is a video explaining the same and showing steps that would be a lot helpful to me.

Hi @Dhanraj,

Thank you for giving us a go! I wanted to remind you that Gitpod is free to use for 50 hours on public and private repos so you’re able to get started straight away. You can view our pricing plans here. Is there a reason you wanted to go self-hosted rather than use Gitpod out of the box?

We have our existing screencasts here but haven’t got one on self-hosted… yet! Thank you for the feedback, we’ll look into maybe creating one in the near future. :blush:

Yeah, i have read that it is free for 50 hours on any repo, but it isn’t enough for me, and due to my financial condition i am not able to buy any kind of plans and i had microsoft azure credits from a long time so i want to move to self hosting as well.

i have read that it is free for 50 hours on any repo, but it isn’t enough for me,

I’ve checked your account from the email you sent earlier and can see that you still have your 50 hours for this month. I also can’t see any activity at all on Gitpod… are you using a different email address?

Well, we’re more than happy to support with self-hosted queries that you may have if you want to continue down that path. We have a community on Discord where folks are helping each other out when it comes to self-hosted installation, you can join here. :slight_smile:

Yeah, just came to know about gitpod and really loved it by spending a small time… This is why i am trying to fulfill all my needs before i switch to it with my main projects.

I would highly suggest that you try and use up your 50 hours with your existing projects :slight_smile: As I said, we have a Discord server where you can join the rest of the community with any questions that you may have.

Thank you for your assistance :blush:. Now i am gonna use my 50 hours quota first. But still i would love to know how to self host gitpod so that when i need it, i can do it easily. For this i have joined discord server.

Don’t students get the personal plan for free? (100hrs)

This was discussed further in Discord.

The guide itself was a bit confusing and should be updated to include screenshots or even better a video going through the whole process. The most confusing point for both of us was the * Select “Add assignments” and add your service principal step. Nonetheless once you figure out that you need to search for the service principle you should be all set and the rest of the guide is EZ PZ.

Of note, I didn’t actually run the setup.sh script myself to ensure it worked.