0.10.0 k3s setup requirements

I am creating a new topic here to try and track the k3s requirements for Gitpod 0.10.0. I already hijacked another topic Kicking the tires on 0.10.0-alpha1 too much - so moving things into here…


You mentioned that you are using this to test your k3s setup, and that calico is needed:

I am launching a k3s cluster using terraform against a hetzner Cloud setup, and then registering this as a rancher “Other Cluster”.

My k3s master node is being created with the following settings:

export INSTALL_K3S_VERSION=v1.20.8+k3s1
export INSTALL_K3S_EXEC="--cluster-init --flannel-backend=none --cluster-cidr= --disable=traefik --disable-network-policy --node-label gitpod.io/main-node=true"

Nodes are all on ubuntu 20.04. I am testing with 1 master and 2 worker nodes.

Initial tests are positive and I get a completed stack started and am able to log in to Gitpod and also able to start a workspace and get into the IDE. So far so good :+1:


Running with this all my pods stay pending. Am i supposed to install calico?

Whatever i try, gitpod 0.10.0 won’t run for me. Furthest i got was workspace pod stuck in “Creating Container”

The requirements can be found at Installation requirements for Gitpod Self-Hosted. Yes, Calico is required.